POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020

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Accessible documents

Tips for accessing digital documents

Annex 2 Accessibility standards for cohesion policy 2014-2020_PL (file type: pdf; size: 3,34 MB) – digital standards from page 124

Manual for creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word_PL (file type: pdf; size: 108 KB)

Standards for preparing and publishing content and designing websites in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines at the AA level_PL (pdf file; size: 636 KB)

Good practices in serving people with disabilities by banks – 3rd edition_PL (file type: PDF; size: 1,60 MB) – information on accessible documents – from page 35 to page 38 and the WCAG standard – from page 52


Programme documents

Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 (file type: pdf; size: 1,41 MB)


Documents for beneficiaries

Partnership Agreement_EN (file type: docx; size: 217 KB)

Grant Contract_EN (file type: docx; size: 183 KB)


Financial Identification Form_EN (file type: pdf; size: 75,1 KB)


Programme Manuals

Programme Manual Part I – Applicant_EN (file type: pdf, size 1,24 MB)

Programme Manual Part II – Project Implementation_EN (file type: pdf, size 742 KB)


Report templates for beneficiaries 

Request for payment EN (file type: pdf; size: 111 KB)

Project Start up Report EN (file type: docx; size: 77,6 KB)

Project Brief Narrative Report EN (file type: docx; size: 80,3 KB)

Part A Project Interim Report EN (file type: docx; size: 91,4 KB)

Part B Project Interim Financial Report EN (file type: xlsx; size: 81,4 KB)

Part A Project Final Report EN (file type: docx; size: 91,8 KB)

Part B Project Final Financial Report EN (file type: xlsx; size: 83,4 KB)


Guidelines on expenditure verification with annexes 

Guidelines on expenditure verification EN (file type: pdf, size: 563 KB)

Annex 1 Guidelines on financial corrections EN (file type: pdf, size: 388 KB)

Annex 2 Auditor’s Certificate EN (file type: docx, size: 160 KB)

Annex 3 Minimum Scope Checklist for Project Control EN (file type: docx, size: 207 KB) – template

Annex 3a Minimum Checklist Template Service Contracts_EN (file type: docx, size: 190 KB)

Annex 4 Template of the checklist for public procurement EN (Polish beneficiaries) (file type: docx, size: 162 KB)

Annex 5 Checklist for public procurements in Russia EN (file type: pdf, size: 342 KB)

Annex 6 Declaration of impartiality and confidentiality EN (file type: PDF, size: 197 KB)

Annex 7 Checklist for the approval for the auditor EN (file type: docx, size: 197 KB)

Annex 8 Approval of the auditor EN (file type: pdf, size: 192 KB)

Annex 9a Checklist for on the spot verifications – part 1 EN (file type: pdf, size: 199 KB)

Annex 9b Checklist for on the spot verifications – part 2 EN (file type: pdf, size: 318 KB)

Annex 9c Checklist for on the spot verifications – service contract_EN (file type: pdf, size: 327 KB)

Annex 10 Irregularity Note_EN (file type: docx, size: 50,8 KB)

Annex No 11 Checklist for the verification of the principles of competitiveness – refers to the Polish beneficiaries only_EN (file type: docx; size: 153 KB)

Template of the contract between the beneficiary and the auditor_EN (file type: docx; size: 58,0 KB)


Communication guidelines 

Communication and visibility guidelines for project implementation_EN (file type: pdf; size: 986 KB)

Visual identification system_EN (file type: pdf; size: 21,1 MB)


Metrics of Project Output and Result Indicators of the Poland-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020

Metrics of Project Output and Result Indicators of the Poland-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020_EN (file type: pdf; size: 673 KB)

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